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This section has to do with players that have problems with early evacuation of enemy gyms.

In the current version of the game a player gets the maximum reward from a gym (50 coins) after their Pokemon is in the gym for a minimum of 500 minutes (8h 20min).

It is therefore understood that honourable trainers take down enemy gyms no sooner than 500 minutes after the first Pokemon has been placed to defend it.

Those who break the rule are worthy of shame. The graph shows the number of times that player has been caught doing foul play.

If you know the team colour of any of the grey players you can contact me via Facebook messenger to fix the error.

Disclaimer: Gym reporting is not instant and can therefore be incorrect. For example, if you take a gym and are beaten in a couple of minutes your ownership of the gym may not have been recorded, therefore whoever beat you will get no shame.

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